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How do you deal with blocked drains in your home? Blockage of your drainage system is one of the worst things that could ever happen in your home. It can cause an unbearable odor that could be harmful to your health. You might need professionals on emergency blocked drain in London because this is a problem that needs a quick solution.

How can you identify the causes of your blocked drain?

A blocked drain can be due to different factors. To solve this problem, you need to identify the cause. Here are factors that can help you find the cause of your blocked drain.

Location of your drain

Where is your drainage system? Is it in the house or outside the house? Most drains are likely to occur outside the home due to falling dead leaves that might cause a blockage.

Tree roots can cause blockage too when they get in pipes. A blockage inside your house can be caused by hard to flush materials like nylon papers, sanitary towels or paper towels among other things.

Is the drain in the bathroom, kitchen or the toilet?

Most blockages of a drainage system occur in the bathroom or the toilet due to items that might have been flushed. In the kitchen, drainage obstruction might be caused by big food particles. To unblock such places, you might need a helping hand from an experienced drainage engineer.

How can you prevent blocked drains?

Did you realize that a blocked drain is a stressful problem that can cause discomfort? This is a problem mostly caused by carelessness. We can avoid it in the following ways:

1. Monitor the waste going down your pipes in the kitchen While pouring fluids into your kitchen sink make sure that you get rid of any food substance in your utensils. Learn to separate any solids from fluids before starting to wash. The oil used in cooking might also cause a blockage. Use enough soap to break down the oil that sticks on plates and pans.

2. Avoid dropping foreign objects like the hair in the bathroom If you use any solid material in the bathroom including soap, ensure that its pieces don’t fall off in the bathroom. Place all tampons, cotton wool and used face wipes on a bin instead of flushing them. Don’t use a lot of toilet paper as it may cause a blockage in the bathroom.

3. Keep your outdoor drainage free from leaves and other debris
Keep your outdoor drain clean by removing any debris around it to avoid drain
blockage. Sweep the area around it often. In case the outdoor drainage blocks, try to unblock it or look for an emergency blocked drain London professional.
If you find your home has a blocked drain, consider finding a professional dealing with blocked drain London by contacting us!.